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article | Naples | October 2020

Preziosa Magazine, a magazine specialized in the field of jewelry, dedicated to Stefano Fronza an article published in the Design section and entitled Stefano Fronza: il colore, indelebile interpretazione del suo segno.

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online exhibition | Thereza Pedrosa Gallery - Asolo (Treviso) | June, 4th, thru July, 12th, 2020

By answering a personal invitation issued by the gallery of Asolo - an invitation that was addressed to 16 artists who were born or have moved to Italy - Stefano Fronza attended the exhibition Light LUZ LIGHT. The invitation proposed that the artists "unite and launch a beam of light, a waft of fresh air, a wave of hope. Let us restart, together. The period ahead of us will not be an easy one, but opportunities will arise and we will have to grab them, we will have to keep chasing our dreams. When you work with what you love, you have no choice, because it is not about work only. It is about love. It is about friendship. It is about passion. Our desire is, therefore, to put in all our passion and energy so that to create new opportunities and to move forward, together". Along with Stefano Fronza, the exhibition was attended by the following artists: Bruno Pedrosa, Carla Riccoboni, Caterina Zanca, Chiara Scarpitti, Clara Del Papa, Corrado De Meo, Gigi Mariani, Heidemarie Herb, Maria Rosa Franzin, Patrizia Bonati, Sara Barbanti, Stefania Lucchetta, Stefano Rossi, Ylenia Deriu and Yoko Takirai | Pietro Pellitteri.


online exhibition and catalogue publication | Castel San Giovanni (Piacenza) | 2020

Upon reaching its 10th edition, the contest "Premio Città Castel San Giovanni" decided to base the 2020/2021 selection of jewelry artworks on a reflection and on a new level of research. Stefano Fronza, who had been selected in 2020, saw his work published in the December paper catalogue 20|21 Part 1. The exhibition was inaugurated in May 2020 and is still online nowadays. Further steps of the project are a future exhibition and the Prizes awarding.

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exhibition | Venice | October 2019

The programme of the 10th edition of Venice Design Week includes a special section devoted to research jewelry. The exhibition displays the outcome of the 6th edition of the VDW Jewelry Selection, which took place in 2019 and asked the attendees to interpret the theme of rebirth, reflecting on the relationship established between the jewel and the person wearing it. Stefano Fronza attended the contest, got selected and joined the award ceremony at the 1st floor of the suggestive Ca’ Pisani Design Hotel in Venice. The exhibition remained open to the public from October, 3rd, thru November, 3rd, 2019.

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exhibition | HOMI FIERA – Milan | January 2018

The January and September editions of "HOMI Fiera - il Salone degli stili di vita (the Exhibition of lifestyles)" take place every year in Milan. In 2018 the exhibition space devoted to jewelry was curated by Alba Cappellieri. Such space accomodates about two hundred jewelry exhibitors who - since the 50's and up to our days - have been inspired by flora, fauna and the world of plants.